Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April 1st YouTube Mashup

IGN's Legend of Zelda Trailer
IGN posted an article about a Legend of Zelda film in production from "Rainfall Films" starring a cast of unknowns. This has got to be the most elaborate, costly, video game-related April Fool's joke ever, and I really wish this were real...

David Hasselhoff - Hooked on a Feeling
Not an April Fool's video, but I can't believe this didn't get meme'd sooner. David Hasselhoff flies around the world, completely superimposed, with crappy graphics and even worse outfits.

Letterman Top Ten - Battlestar Galactica
I absolutely cannot wait for the season premiere on Friday, and I just got Razor through Netflix to watch before then. To promote the new season they had the entire main cast of BSG on Letterman to do the Top Ten list recently.

Damn Boots
Nomis Football created this commercial, a kind of Gondry-esque adventure through an aspiring footballer's dreams, for their new shoe line. This is somehow related to work, but I have no idea how because I haven't heard about any Nomis campaigns.

Dead Fantasy
The new video from the guy who did the Haloroid fan video, with Samus fighting Master Chief. This one features the girls of Final Fantasy X-2 fighting DOA characters. It's alright, some decent action and great rendering, but for some reason I can't put my finger on not as impressive as Haloroid.

In other April Fool's news, Kotaku was all about cake, Thinkgeek had some really cool gag items, and a large group of anime bloggers created fake inter-blog drama that was convincing in how far it reached and the number of blogs in on it.


Nico said...

You haven't heard about any Nomis campaigns? You should take your headphones off sometime, because I believe we uploaded that video you just posted. ;)

Unless you are being sarcastic. In which case I guess the April Fool is me.

Fred said...

No, I know the video is ours, I saw it on the M80 Teams portal first. I just never heard about a campaign for this "Nomis" company.

J Dillah said...

Nomis is a new company from australia that makes soccer and rugby cleats. They're wicked expensive and hard as hell to find in the states. I think the video should be titled damn song instead tho...it won't get outa my head