Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Super Mario and My Fear of Black Holes

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I caught this video on Kotaku. An underground garage, a ton of empty wine bottles, and an RC car combine to play the Mario theme. Incredible.

Then there's this particular news story I read on io9 about the Hadron Colider. I forgot their startup date was this May. Some of the experiments performed in this gigantic machine will create small black holes that SHOULD disappear as quickly as they were formed, state the scientists behind the machine, but others are worried that may not be the case. It may just be that when I was a kid I read a science fiction novel about a miniature black hole appearing in the center of the Earth and slowly devouring the planet from the inside out, but this seriously freaks me out. Add on top of that meat grown in vats hitting the market in the near future (which I first heard from Stuart) and my irrational Luddism is completely acting up; daydreams of moving to a cabin in the woods and living out the rest of my life as a mountain man with only my books to keep me company.

Addendum: I saw this rather touching article on Gawker about a cartoonist who took his mom's high school yearbook and reproduced it entirely in cartoon portraits. Even MORE awesome is a link from that article to another artist who reproduced a yearbook class from 1925 all in ink and watercolor portraits that are gorgeous.

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J Dillah said...

This is so bad ass!!! Def something I would have done if I wasn't completely tone deaf...don't ever invite me to karaoke