Wednesday, May 14, 2008

She Said the Man in the Gaberdine Suit was a Spy

- I had a really weird dream the other night. I dreamt I owned a Playstation 3 and was playing Guitar Hero 3 with Peter Moore in our apartment. Apparently this is what I get from reading Kotaku all day long.

- There's apparently a Battlestar Galactica mod for Homeworld 2 that looks fantastic. I've seen some videos of the game in motion and I really need to find a copy of that game too. There's also a mod for the space flight sim X3 for which I've only seen screenshots, but I do own that game so I'll definitely be checking out the mod. (I've been in desperate need of a space flight sim for years now, and I'm wondering why the game industry has left this genre barren for so long...)

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